Why You should Stop Washing Your Hair Everyday

October 15, 2017
please do not wash your hair everyday

I have stopped washing my hair everyday! I know, I know, kind of gross. But, in all reality it is actually pretty healthy.

You not only save money from using less shampoo and less hot water in the shower, but you are also saving precious minutes. Every minute counts when you are a mom of three or a perpetual late-comer like myself. 

I have read a few articles on why you should not wash your hair everyday, that it’s super healthy for your hair, and blah, blah, blah. What really sold me was that I could save TIME! Time you say? Yes, time!

I am LATE for everything and I mean everything. I got more tardies in high school than probably my entire class combined (we only had 36 kids, so nothing too extreme here). I have been late to every job I have had since I was 16 and my babies were even late, by a week! They say that people who are late are actually very successful, multi-taskers, and basically think they can get everything done in a span of 5 minutes. Yep! That’s me. 

So, when debating about not washing my hair everyday, I made this decision based solely on time savings. What I then started to realize was truly how many more benefits came with this decision.

Healthier Hair – My hair just seemed healthy! Very rarely did I have split ends anymore and it just felt, good!

Hair that is not shampooed everyday is not stripped of the natural oils which your scalp produces. I like to actually brush my hair in the evening to move those oils down to the ends of my hair. 

Easier to Style – It is so much easier to curl hair that is not newly washed. I have very straight hair (I am half asian) so anything to make the curls better is fine by me!

The hair just curls faster, looks better and stays in a lot longer.

Color Will Fade Slower – If you tend to color your hair, it will stay with you a bit longer. 

When I used to color my hair with more of a reddish tint, I would always see the red going down the drain after each shampoo. Just going….down….the drain….

Saving $ – By not using a ton of shampoo (I never use the recommended amount of a freakin quarter for my mid length hair. Try double that amount) you are saving some change. You are also saving money on the extra hot water.

It is not a ton, but every penny helps! I am pretty sure my kiddos probably make up for that though, so it is probably a “wash” in our household :). 

Is this Really for Me?

Everyone is doing it! I am actually not one for peer pressure. I like to usually go against the norm. But, in this particular scenario, there are really more people who are not washing their hair everyday than you think!

Yes, at first it is hard to get used to. I have very oily skin so my scalp was particularly oily the next day. After a few weeks that slowly kept getting better and less oily in-between shampoos. 

Think of your scalp like your face. We all know that the more you strip your face of oil, the more oily it is and the worse it breakouts. Same thing here. Your scalp also gets dried out and produces more oil than before. If you actually moisturize your face, body, and scalp with oil; the outcome is better!

I DO NOT follow the no poo movement, though. There is moderation in everything. I live a pretty all natural lifestyle but I still love my french fries and brownies too! A good shampoo in a hot shower is much-needed at times! So relaxing!


I would recommend going every other day without washing at first. After some time try to go 2 days in between and then 3. Depending on what I have going on, I usually go 6-7 days without washing my hair.

My typical week looks like this:

Day 1 – Wash and Blow Dry 

Day 2 – Curl

Day 3 – Curl again and use some dry shampoo (a little on the pricey side, but it does last forever).

Day 4 – Pull up into a pony and apply some dry shampoo

Day 5 – Pull up into a bun

Day 6 – pull back and wear a hat

Day 7 – pull back and wear a hat

Let me know what you try or if this is a standard you are currently practicing! 





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