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February 14, 2012

Today was focused on pricing out water systems. My first thought was to research and buy an under the sink – filtration system. But after doing more digging I realized that (duh) we still breathe in all the toxic chemicals in the shower, it is on our skin or our children’s skin, in our hair, clothes, etc. So, my research landed me into more hot water (no pun intended) then I wanted to be. This was going to cost me!

I found out that a Solid Carbon Block was one of the best types of filters to buy. This filter tends to take out VOCs, microscopic cysts, lead, mercury, disinfection by-products, prescription drugs, pesticides, asbestos, and chlorine – which our water system is treated with.

First, I looked at the Multi-pure solid carbon filter. They were priced at $430 and that was the drinking system alone. They are NSF certified but I could not find more details on their certifications online. To top it off, the rep that I left a message for earlier today, decided to call me at 10pm this evening. He forgot the time since he works second shift. (I don’t have time for idiots so this place was automatically nixed off the list).

Second, I called Culligan. They use reverse osmosis. This typically can be slow and wastes a lot of water. It usually has multiple cartridges that need to be replaced and does not reduce VOCs or disinfection by – products. Plus, the guy I spoke with was not the brightest and a bit rude. No patience or tolerance for that so they were off the list. Plus, their drinking system was around $1200-1400.00.

Lastly, I looked into Aquasana. I called the sales guy and bluntly asked him why his product was better than Multi-pure’s. Instead of giving me some BS he went on their website to see. He was vaguely familiar with them. I couldn’t believe this guy actually took the time to go on their website and research it with me on the phone! Genius! So, my conclusion – 1. their price is much lower – only around $119 for the drinking system or $790 for an entire house filtration system. 2. the sales rep could handle his own, answered every question I had plus some, and sent me an email with more info immediately following our conversation. 3. no taxes, no shipping fee, 90 day money back guaranty, 3 year warranty, only have to buy filters for the entire house system every 5 years or so (based on our square footage and the amount of water we use).

The Aquasana picture was also vaguely familiar (blue rhino on a blue background), which made me feel good that I recognized the product at least. The flow of the entire house filtration system – EQ 300 is about 7 gallons a minute, keeps the beneficial minerals, is sent to my home and installed by us or a plumber (i am taking the plumber route).

He did recommend adding on an additional filter that removes any parasites and cysts which I am sure will be an additional cost. The filters are about $500+ but will not need to be bought for about 4-5 years or so. The final price for the filtration system would come out to 0.3 cents per gallon or about $158 a year (based on 5 years). How many people spend that on bottled water alone?

Of course after hanging up with him I was still skeptical and always take to my handy, dandy “Google” tool. I googled any reviews that the company had and was utterly surprised to not find a single bad review. People love them, the product, the guarantee, the solidarity of the company and the longevity. So that just solidified my decision. Aquasana the EQ 300 it is! Now my next task is to convince the husband that we need this purchase!

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