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October 28, 2014

Glass and Surface Cleaners are definitely a cleaning staple in our household. Those little tiny hands seem to just want to touch everything! Listed below are some different options for a better and more natural take on this cleaner! All products are rated on an A-F scale from the EWG site (F being the worst):

1. Windex contains the following:

  • A – Water
  • B – Isopropyl Alcohol
  • D – 2-Hexoxyethanol – general systematic, organ effects
  • C – Videt EGM – no data and some concern
  • C – Sodium C14-17 Sec-Alkyl Sulfonate – some concern for the environment
  • F – Ammonium Hydroxide – respiratory effects, damage to vision, skin irritation/allergies/damage
  • A -Propylene Glycol
  • C – Mirapol Surf S-210 – no data, some concern
  • D – Fragrance – skin irritation/allergies/damage, nervous system, respiratory effects
  • C – Liquitint Sky Blue Dye – no data, some concern

I would rate this a C (which is not terrible), $2.87 at Target. Johnson and Johnson does list all the ingredients on their website which is a plus. My philosophy is that if it has more than a handful of chemicals and/or hard to pronounce then there is something out there that is a bit better.

2. Method Glass and Surface Cleaner contains the following and lists all ingredients on their website:

  • A – Water
  • A – Ethanol
  • A – Potassium Citrate
  • A – Sodium Carbonate
  • ? – Colorant
  • B – Decyl glucoside, caprylyl glucoside

I would rate this an A-, $2.99 at Target.

3. The DIY Option is the Best Window Cleaner, Ever!

  • A – Water
  • A- White Vinegar
  • A – Lemon Oil

I would rate this an A++, $.22. With only three ingredients and I can pronounce them all! Also, the least expensive and the most effective. This option definitely has my vote!

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