I am still alive and could not be happier!

January 17, 2016

Well, it has been awhile….

Our family moved to Chicago, sold a business, started a new job,  a new school and now it is 2016! 

I have stopped blogging for a while because of all the fantastic changes. It has been quite a year for us and we would not change it for the world. 

I was offered an unbelievable opportunity in Chicago with my current company and my husband decided to sell his business and be a stay at home dad. 

There is not a day that goes by where he does not love being home with our two boys. At first I was so worried and felt so bad for him. He still does not understand why. Mainly, because it is a job I could never do. 

I have no patience, get cabin fever like no other (that’s the Sagittarius in me) and am very career driven. I like to be the best at whatever I do….and to be honest, being a mother is one role that I constantly feel like I am failing at. 

There are no numbers, quotas, or compensation that grades you on how well you are doing. Some days are awesome, others are total crap. But the only way to know if you did a good job is in 18 years when the kiddos are out the door and you hope to god, they are not an absolute asshole. 

But anyways…2015 was one of my most challenging years. Selling a home, losing a lifelong friend, moving to a big city, and dealing with role reversals was very, very challenging. I drank a lot (still do), spent more money than I should, and wanted to divorce my husband on many occasions. 

I have never worked so hard in my life (putting in 12-16 hour days) but proving to myself and others that I am actually pretty awesome. I love proving people wrong – it is what drives me (sick I know, but I can’t help it). 

What I have learned is that my little family is all that I have. My husband, two kiddos, and two dogs, are the ones who are with me all the time. They are the ones cheering me on when no one else thinks I can do it. 

They are truly what I live for. I have finally figured that out. 

I live for the weekends (only time I take off) to explore this awesome city, eat fantastic brunches, rekindle with an old cousin, and learn to travel more. Life is too short and I am so glad that I have the chance to realize that. 

This year will be less blogging, less spending, and more traveling. I want the kiddos to learn more about the rest of the world, life, and to have fun. 

Here is to a fantastic 2016. I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions, but I do believe in constantly changing for the better. I am hoping to relax more (with the help of my wonderful friend, wine) and to learn something everyday!

– Enjoy!

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