New Home….New Baby…..

September 9, 2017

It has been a whirlwind to say the least. A few months back, we packed up our bags to move out of the Windy City to a small town of only 1400 people. Meanwhile, we are renovating our (new) old farmhouse and welcoming a healthy baby boy into the pack. 

As things are slowly dying down, I have found a few spare moments to start the blog back up again.

Currently we are unpacked (for now) and able to move around the kitchen (baby steps)! I just cannot wait to post the amazing transformation with our kitchen. Plus, all the fun ways we saved money, reused materials, and recycled what we already had! Eek! Can’t wait! 

There will be some fun posts that will focus on how we are finding thrifty ways to save on our farmhouse renovation!

Since getting some sleep each night and with school in full swing, I feel as if we are getting into a nice rhythm as a family. This has allowed me to re-focus on how we can keep saving while being healthy. Quite a challenge when you have a newborn, renovating, and moving! 

So….welcome back to the blog!


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