My Top 5 All Natural Budget Friendly Baby Products

January 14, 2018
My Top 5 All Natural Budget Friendly Baby Products

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There are so many baby products out on the market that it is sometimes hard to know what you really need. I have found that less is more. The products which can multi-task is really the way to go! 

Here are my top 5 all-natural budget friendly baby products that I have used over time with my three boys (and one I just found and had to share, as it is life changing)! 

1. Dr Bronners Unscented Baby Soap – I have used this on all my boys and love it! A little goes a long way. My current bottle has lasted me well over 7 months! 

I also use this to wash the dogs, as a body wash & shampoo for the entire family, and to make my homemade baby wipes! For only $6.45/bottle from Thrive and that it can serve multiple purposes, definitely makes it one of my favs!

2. Coconut Oil – 

I have posted many articles on my love for coconut oil. I order the Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil in the large gallon tub from Tropical Traditions This will last us for about 8 months! Right now they are having a special where a gallon will run you $79. That is around $.53/ounce! 

There are so many reasons why I love Tropical Traditions, but their farming practices, the fact that their oil is made in small batches, and wet milled from fresh coconut milk are just a few. Here is a great article that describes their practice in more detail.

I use this on my lil guy for an all over moisturizer after his bath, for his cradle cap and diaper rashes!

 3. Pacifier –

I love the Hevea All Natural Rubber Pacifier – they use natural rubber, no plastic or synthetic materials. The plastic that is used in your traditional pacifier can contain cancer causing agents, chemical softeners, and hormone disturbing substances as well. Plus, this pacifier is all one piece which means it is more hygienic. There are no crevices for dirt to hide. 

Since this comes from 100% natural material, it is so much better for the environment and for your kiddo! 

4. Snot sucker –

I just started to use this product with my youngest. The NoseFrieda Nasal Aspirator was a product that I always saw, but was completely disgusted by it. Who the hell would suck snot out of their kid’s nose? I would probably end up throwing up on my kid because of my gag reflex. No Thanks. 

But, never say never! I am not sure if it was old age or the fact I KNEW it was my last baby. So, when I was pregnant with my third, I thought, why the heck not?! You only live once! I ended up purchasing this thing and what a life changer! This thing is magical….pure magic! 

The bulb syringe has nothing on this snot sucker. Highly effective, a natural way to get snot out, and so much softer on your little kiddos noses. Highly recommend! 

5. Cloth Diapers –

I have been using cloth diapers since my first was born almost seven years ago. I start out with the Gerber Cloth Diapers which I also like to use some as burp cloths (I keep them separate from the diapers). Then I move the babies over to the pocket diapers. My favorite are the bumgenius. I do use an all-natural disposable diaper at bedtime, though. Currently I am loving these.

Cloth diapers save money over the long run, especially if you will have more than one kid, but it does help out the environment! Plus, you never have to worry about running out!

I used the pocket diapers exclusively for my first two and loved them! We thought we were done after two so I actually sold all of them. When I was pregnant with my third I ended up buying cloth diapers from a mom’s Buy Sell Trade group on Facebook. They were a mix of diapers including pocket diapers. Since then I have realized they all work great! 

I would suggest putting these on the baby shower gift registry as they are not cheap. I always have  around 6 diapers and wash them roughly every other day. Pair this with homemade wipes and you are golden!

Overall, there are a lot more baby products out there on the market. Plus, I use more than just five. But, these are the current all-natural products that I use ALL the time! They save me money, are healthier for my babies and offer more than one solution in my household. 


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