Happy New Year and why I am so glad 2015 is here

January 3, 2015

I cannot believe it is already 2015! How time flies. I have to honestly say that I am glad to see 2014 go. It was honestly a tough year, but worth every minute. Don’t get me wrong, there were some amazing days last year – the birth of my second son, vacation at the Lakes, my oldest stating preschool, the start of my blog, the holidays. But, overall it was one of the most challenging years in my life to date.

Having another child is amazing but also tough to try to balance that family dynamic and ensure everyone is given your undivided attention (not possible). Dealing with all the emotions, body images (I literally gained 50 lbs), sleep deprivation, work responsibilities, and trying to be a fantastic wife. Not easy at all, people. But, I made it through each day. Not sure how I did it, but it happened! 🙂

My husband’s business is still in the early stages and with that comes its own challenges in and of itself. So re-balancing our roles in the family, redistributing income, cutting back, and facing new unexpected costs, definitely take a toll on a marriage and oneself.

But, with all the hardships it was a great year to watch my 3-year-old grow and become a very adoring big brother, watching my youngest grow like a weed (already 10 1/2 mo.), the cuddles, hugs, and just listening to the amazing conversations that my kids have with me, my husband, or between themselves.

Plus, I realized that our family can get through anything! You are always tougher than you think.

I am not into New Year’s Resolutions but I am a big believer in setting goals. I also believe that by putting my goals for all to see, will make me more accountable in sticking with them. So, selfishly, I am sharing my personal goals with all of you.

1. Let It Go – Yes, I kind of have a love/hate relationship with that song too. But, in all actuality, I am definitely going to try to let things go a bit more. Not be so controlling with the house and my husband’s business. I need to let messes live until the next day or two (that might give me a heart attack but I will try) and not putting in my two cents all the time for my husband’s business (we all know I love to give my opinion).

2. Simplify – I am still going to try to de-clutter and organize. But, this year will be focused on how to live with less and be happy with not having a lot of material things. I have too much crap and money could be put to better use – like traveling 🙂

3. Getting Up Early – I definitely love the days that I get up earlier than everyone else and get a few hours of work in. I feel so much more accomplished those days. They are few and far between, but will hopefully be more consistent this year.

4. New Eating Plan – our family is going to try a new eating plan (NOT a diet – I don’t believe in those) here in the coming weeks that I am so excited about. Watch out for more information on this in the coming months. This will definitely be a lifestyle and huge change for us, but will definitely be very beneficial in the end.

5. Schedule for each day – it might sound simple and oh, so something I should be doing already. But, I am wanting to try to write out a schedule for each day the night before. I am very leery about doing that, because with two kids, I am just now sure how often that schedule will be followed. I have a tendency to get mad at myself if I can’t get everything done on my to do list, so I have gone without for a while. We’ll see how this one goes.

So, there it is folks. My goals for this year. I believe we all need goals and whether or not we love them, hate them, change them, or put the kabash on them, they are in our lives to push us to be better and in turn will eventually help make others better too.

So, Cheers to a Happy and Healthy 2015 (with a few fun goals)


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