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Why do I run out of everything all at once? But, at least I found some great all natural deals!

April 8, 2015

(please note: this is a sponsored post, see disclosure)


Doesn’t it always seem that you run out of everything all at once? And, it’s always at the most inconvenient time too, right? Murphy’s Law.

My husband is out of town for work and it seems like I have run out of everything this week. Why this week? The one week I don’t have any extra time to run to the store. Of course. 

I typically love to order items online….when I actually plan ahead (seems to be more rare these days). I have not had that luxury this week. So, to add insult to injury, I thought I would see how much extra money I spent by getting everything at the store instead of online. 

If you have some time this week, this list might come in handy.

Laundry Detergent – I make my own (post on that soon), but I did have to buy one ingredient, a bar of soap. Everything else I had on hand. Here’s a great deal online if you have the luxury of not needing it right now

Dr Bronner’s Bar Soap $4.29 ($4.69) plus 4% cash back 


Hairspray – I love the Giovanni organic hair-line. If you are local to Columbus you can get the line at Giant Eagle or Lucky’s Market. Vitacost is  about $2.00 cheaper than either store. 

Giovanni Hair Spritz $5.09 ($7.95) plus 4% cash back


Diapers – I love the Babyganics line at Target. The diapers do not have all the harsh chemicals and they are such a reasonable price. Also, make sure you subscribe to the target mobile coupons and Cartwheel for even more savings!

BabyGanics size 3 diapers $27.99 plus .05% cash back. You can get an extra $5 off with the Red Card and free shipping. If you don’t have the Red Card they have free shipping for an order of $25 or more.


Tampons – I try to use only organic tampons. Since these suckers are going in my body, I thought I really should go organic on these! Yes, a little more expensive but a lot less chemicals involved. I usually get these at the community market by my house, but this is actually a pretty good deal. Noted for next month!

Natracare Organic Tampons $4.99 ($5.99-$7.79) plus 4% cash back


Gifts – Ok, so I did not have to go out and buy this today. I actually saw that they are having a sale on Melissa and Doug toys at Target. I love their toys and have been looking for a magnetic doll for my son who is 4. I am loving this for him and all the birthday parties he has to go to. 

Melissa & Doug Joey Magnetic Dress – Up Doll $11.04 ($12.99) plus .05% cash back. An additional 5% off and free shipping with the Red Card.


I also ran out of a handful of food items and gas. But, overall, I did not do too bad. I could have saved $3 plus earned cash back, along with the comfort of shopping in my own home (PRICELESS). Hopefully you won’t run out of everything at the same time and can save some $$$.

Hopefully, no more last-minute trips to the store, but it’s only Wednesday…..


10 All Natural Deals, Articles, and Tips for this Week

March 29, 2015

Some great all natural deals, articles, and tips for this week! 

1. Large Natural and Organic Samples, Pick any 3 for $2 each and get Free Shipping!
Abe’s Market is one of my go to sites for all natural and organic products. They have great sales, promotions, and three samples are only $6, plus free shipping. You can’t beat that. 

2. Cork Small Dial Watch with Crystals $26.25 ($35.00).
Super cute watch that is perfect for Springtime. I am always on the lookout for cheap watches and sunglasses since I either lose or break them often! Plus Abe’s Market has free shipping right now for any order over $29.


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Easy Kid-Friendly Upcycled Valentine’s Day Cards

February 8, 2015

My “almost” four-year old has his first “official” Valentine’s Day Party this up coming week. I wanted to have him make the cards that he’s passing out rather than buying them. Secretly, craft time, is one of the few times the he actually wants to spend with me right now. He is currently  on a kick to only be with his dad doing “boy things”. Ugh!

So, while perusing Pinterest I found these cute DIY valentine’s day cards. It looked super easy, so I thought I would give it a go.

Using some old broken crayons and construction paper already on hand, we were able to make some really cute valentine’s day cards for my son’s preschool class. Plus, my lil guy did most of the work!

What you will need:

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9 Great Articles, Health Tips, and Coupons for the week of 1/18/2015

January 18, 2015

1. 8 amazing travel apps including a translator (no internet required), ideas to go off the beaten path, and an app that helps you packed based on destination and weather! Love it!


2. Four Great ways to detox your skin in one weekend!


3. A new recipe from Minimalist Baker (my fav!) to try this week. These Rainbow Spring Rolls are  vegan and gluten-free. I love MB’s recipes because they only have a few ingredients, are healthy and super yummy!


4. Metro Park Hikes in January and February. If you are in the Columbus area check out the schedule for some great hikes this month and next. A nice way to get out of the house and get some exercise in!

5. One of my new goals this year is to start learning about essential oils. Willy B Mum is having a fantastic giveaway with Heather from Heather Grant Wellness. It is an essential oils starter kit and if you sign up for Heather’s newsletter she will send you some great info on starting the essential oils journey.


6. Coupons
– Rock the Lunchbox – tons of great coupons for those lunch boxes!
– $1.50/1 Suja Juice if you share with a friend!


7. So they say we don’t have to shower everyday! As a busy mom of 2 kids it is actually a luxury sometimes. The only place I can be by myself for 15 minutes. Some days I totally forget, so this article makes me feel a little better about those days!

8. Just say “No” to Tylenol! Great article on why you should use ibuprofen or really try to avoid pharmaceutical products if you can. Try to go the all natural route with oils and teas.

9. The ZumZum bike looks awesome! Great for kids 18 mo – 4 years.