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March 6, 2015

Last year my girlfriend sent me three free meals from Blue Apron. At first, I thought it was actually a scam and deleted the emails. Then I finally realized that it was truly legitimate!

For only $59.99 you can order 3 meals, for two people, a week. That comes out to $10 a person. I did not mind the price since that would feed our family of four (2 kiddos under 3 at the time). Our boys are actually eating a bit more now so we might have to upgrade soon. 🙂

The next size up is the new family plan. This is supposed to appeal to parents and kiddos for only $8.74 a person! You can get 2 planned meals for only $69.92. This is going to be next on the list for us. 

If you are busy (like the rest of the world) this is a great service to utilize. They do all the work for you – shopping, sourcing, planning, recipes, etc. They even deliver it to your door on the day you choose! You can’t get much fresher than that!

The recipe card is colorful and easy to read. The ingredients are wrapped up individually and labeled. This not only helps to reduce waste but saves time! Plus, there are fun, speciality ingredients that you would not normally buy yourself.

Blue Apron has been a very fun, once a month, break in our cooking routine. It is so nice to have someone basically buy, divvy out, and give us a recipe on what we should cook for that week. I only have to plan for 3 other meals (one day is reserved for leftovers) in which I try to use what we already have around the house. 

This actually does not put us back much on groceries, if at all. My husband and I have a great time cooking together and are able to try some new dishes. The meals only take around 35 minutes or less to prepare, so not much time is spent in the kitchen. A plus, for busy families!

Each meal is only around 500-700 calories per serving and since they source their foods from small local farms that strive for sustainable practices (you can read about each one on their website) it makes me that much happier!

You can customize your food preferences based on your dietary restrictions or preferences. Plus, many of their recipes are already gluten-free!

We have been using Blue Apron for the past 6 months and only one of the meals we received were so, so. The meals are very fresh and delivered to your door step. You can actually pick the day that they deliver. I always choose Saturdays and they are here mid-morning like clockwork. 

After using Blue Apron for a certain period, they actually give you free meals to pass onto friends and family! So, I would like to pay it forward and give away some free meals to my amazing followers. 

Just remember, that you will have to put in your credit card information to receive the free box. If you don’t want to continue the subscription just go back into your account to cancel or just push back your order date (we do that all the time).

Click on the link to enter and try to win below! I will pick out two winners on Wednesday, March 11th, 2015. An email will be sent immediately following the giveaway to let you know if you have won. Best of luck and thanks for following Katharine Rosemary!


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  • Reply Tiffany O March 8, 2015 at 10:47 pm

    I have been wanting to try this service. Thanks for the opportunity.

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