The Best DIY Laundry Detergent

October 10, 2016

I have finally found IT! The Best DIY Laundry Detergent, or rather “concoction”. It is even all-natural and pretty inexpensive. 🙂

Awhile back I had written a post on my favorite all natural laundry detergents. Well, as time has passed, I have come across some better products for our laundry. 

Here are the items that I use on pretty much every load:

salsuds-cleaner-32oz_2Dr Bronner’s Castille Soap – this is a concentrated all-purpose cleaner made with plant-based surfactants, natural fir needle and spruce essential oils. There are no dyes or fragrances. I not only use it for my laundry but for all of my cleaning around the house. Literally, I clean every room with it including the floors!

This product is biodegradable and 100% cruelty free. It is literally magical!

Sal’s Suds is rated an A+ on the EWG and there is also a great dilutions cheat sheet that can definitely come in handy.


Washing Soda – this is a natural detergent booster that helps to get out stains, grease, and dirt. I only use it in my laundry, but it also has multiple uses around the house including the bathroom, outdoor furniture, sinks, etc. Washing Soda is fragrance and phosphate free, but helps to get rid of any type of odor.

This product is rated an A+ on the EWG.

White Vinegar – I wrote a post on how to make your own fabric softener with white vinegar. These days I just pour it in without the essential oils (I cut corners the more kiddos I have). White Vinegar makes our clothes soft, gets rid of any musty smells, and your clothes will never smell like vinegar!

Bleach – yes….I still use bleach. My husband is a stickler for white clothes and I have to say, I have found nothing better than bleach to make those whites, white. 

Dr Bronner’s – 2 Tbsp for a regular load, but realistically I just squeeze out enough to go around the inside of the washing machine two to three times depending on the size of the load. 

Washing Soda – 1/2 C for a regular load, but I never measure. I just pour out enough to go around the inside of the washing machine once.

White Vinegar – 1/2 C for a regular load. I just fill up the fabric softener area up to the top for large and halfway for small loads

Bleach – depending on the type I just follow the instructions on the bottle. I usually just go with a non name brand with lemon.

*I have a top loading machine, so I would probably recommend just cutting everything in half for a HE machine.

Types of Loads:
Colors – Dr Bronner’s, Washing Soda, Vinegar
Whites – Dr Bronner’s, Washing Soda, Vinegar, and Bleach
Delicates – Dr Bronner’s

Where to Buy:
Dr Bronner’ Sals Suds – The lowest price that I have seen is through thrive market. There is a yearly membership fee (like Costco), but I do end up definitely saving hundreds over the year. I usually will buy all of my items once a month since you can get free shipping when you spend $49 or more! A 32 ou. bottle will usually run $9.95. 

Washing Soda – this can be hard to find. It is no longer carried in my grocery store or at my local Target. The best deal that I have found is here. They are running $13.60 for a two pack.

White Vinegar – this can be found at your local grocery store. I just paid $1.50/gallon

Bleach – this can also be found at your local grocery store. A gallon usually runs me around $3.49.

Overall, my DIY Laundry Detergent is basically a concoction of a few different products. I have had great success with it and hardly any stains that I cannot get out. When I do, I just soak my clothes in Baby OxiClean. I have two boys, a husband, and myself. We can be a pretty messy bunch and we are very tough on our clothes. 

My DIY Laundry Detergent is just an inexpensive and all natural alternative to those perfume and chemically laden detergents out on the market. Just make sure to try to research those ingredients in your detergent. There are a lot out there that claim they are “all natural” or “organic”, but in all reality they are filled with crap.

You wear your clothes every single day (if not, more power to you!) so the less crap on our bodies the better. Especially on our little ones 🙂

Enjoy and please share any of your tips or ideas. 

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  • KatharineRosemary
    Reply KatharineRosemary November 5, 2016 at 10:32 pm

    yes, let me know what you think! Thanks so much!

  • Reply Sarah October 30, 2016 at 12:36 am

    So excited to try this! Like you, I’ve been on a long journey to find a healthy laundry detergent that actually gets clothes clean. I haven’t liked the grated soap / washing soda / Borax laundry soap – it works a few times, then the laundry begins looking dingy.

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