Water Systems

February 14, 2012

Today was focused on pricing out water systems. My first thought was to research and buy an under the sink – filtration system. But after doing more digging I realized that (duh) we still breathe in all the toxic chemicals in the shower, it is on our skin or our children’s skin, in our hair, clothes, etc. So, my research landed me into more hot water (no pun intended) then I wanted to be. This was going to cost me!

I found out that a Solid Carbon Block was one of the best types of filters to buy. This filter tends to take out VOCs, microscopic cysts, lead, mercury, disinfection by-products, prescription drugs, pesticides, asbestos, and chlorine – which our water system is treated with.

First, I looked at the Multi-pure solid carbon filter. They were priced at $430 and that was the drinking system alone. They are NSF certified but I could not find more details on their certifications online. To top it off, the rep that I left a message for earlier today, decided to call me at 10pm this evening. He forgot the time since he works second shift. (I don’t have time for idiots so this place was automatically nixed off the list). Continue Reading…

New Blog and trying to figure this whole natural thing out!

February 14, 2012

So, as a new mom (well, not so new seeing as my son will be 1 in a couple of weeks) I have been on a quest to make sure my son is as healthy as can be! That is a much harder task than I anticipated. Sure, it sounds easy. Maybe to most. But I am the type of person that has to research and know every single detail of everything I do. So, if we are going to go All Natural or All Organic then I have to know everything about everything. And I have to do it Big. Really Big – Meaning turn my house upside down and transforming it into the healthiest place one can live! We go Big or Go Home in my household!

My research has led me to so much confusion and an overwhelming abundance of information on how to be “All Natural” or “All Organic”. I can’t believe the amount of information (good and bad) that is out there. My head is always swimming with more and more information each day. So, I have decided to write this blog with the intention of sorting all of this out for myself. If anyone reads it, then great, if not – it is not the end of the world.

So, as I stated above, my major task is to try to make my entire household (food, water, clothes, toys, etc) as natural, healthy, and free from the bad stuff as I can make it. All while being economical and thrifty. This all natural crap is expensive! So try doing all of this but in a very “cheap” sort of way. The coming weeks will be a wonderful compilation of all the information and misinformation that I am sure I will be finding out!