One of the Many Reasons Why I Love Fall – Ohio Apples

October 23, 2014

Fall is here and I love it! My most favorite season. Pumpkin beer, pumpkin patches, Halloween, hot toddies, and of course, apple picking! We love to go to Apple Hill Orchard since that’s the place where my husband and I went as kids. They have fantastic Ohio Apples, homemade apple cider, and apple donuts. Hands down the most delicious donut you will ever consume. I literally ate two within 45 seconds and I would seriously consider driving the hour to get there for another dozen. Yum!

Once we got there we realized that we were a little too late in the season, as there was no more picking this year (fail), but we could just bag them up ourselves inside the store. It worked out since it was cold and Lil A was only interested in the apple donuts. Plus, they were going to close within 45 minutes (my husband’s fail).

We ended up getting 1/2 bushel of the Gala and Golden Delicious along with a peck of Macintosh. Many of the apples, fruit for that matter, that is grown in Ohio is rarely organic. Due to our climate and the types of bugs that we have, most fruit farms in the state do have to use some sort of chemical to spray their products. They might not do it all the time or every year for that matter, but to be certified organic there are a lot of rules you have to abide by.

I am OK with buying non-organic apples once a year. My recommendation, though, is to talk to the farm or the actual farmers. They love to educate us on their growing practices and why they do what they do. If they don’t want to share or talk about it, then it is best to look elsewhere. I did not ask Apple Hill about their growing practices since I have been going there forever, but it is definitely something I need to remember to do next year.

We did not end up getting as many apples as last year. Honestly, it seemed like a whole heck of a lot when we were putting it in the car, though. The next day I spent some time making homemade applesauce and crockpot apple butter. The rest of the apples we individually wrapped in newspaper, placed in a box, and stored in the basement.

The apples should keep for a few months, but we will eat them all way before that! By individually wrapping them in newspaper you will keep the others safe if one decides to rot (which is my luck).

Please leave a comment with any yummy homemade apple recipes you like to make or where you like to go apple picking, or why you just like apples in general!

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