All Natural Stainless Steel Cleaner

November 12, 2017
all natural stainless steel cleaner

With the end of our kitchen/dining room renovation almost complete (praise the lord!), came the task of actually cleaning! I have never had stainless steel appliances until now (I feel sooo fancy!).

With that being said, I had to figure out how to clean the stuff, since little fingerprints tend to cover them very quickly. 

I knew I did not want to buy the stainless steel cleaner, but make my own. So, I Googled away. I found this article and thought I would take a shot. My husband usually thinks I am crazy with all my homemade cleaners, and I am pretty sure he doubted me on this one. But….I was right as this really works and does a great job! 

All you will need is white vinegar and olive oil!

All Natural Stainless Steel Cleaner
  1. Spray bottle of white vinegar
  2. Olive oil (or other mineral oil of choice)
  1. 1. Spray appliance with vinegar and wipe down.
  2. 2. Once dry, apply a small amount of oil to the appliance using a paper towel or rag
  3. 3. Rub that over the appliance until all fingerprints are gone.
Katharine Rosemary
I purchased a spray bottle from Target for only $2.75 (5% back with the red card + 3% cash back at shop at home). I already had white vinegar on hand which I use as a fabric softener, and my favorite olive oil in the kitchen. Total cost of this was $2.75 but will be $0 going forward since these are ingredients I use regularly. 

This is such a very easy and simple cleaner to make at home using all natural products! 


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