5 Quick Baby Food Ideas

November 2, 2014

My middle name is “Late”. If you know me then you know I am always late, for everything. I was late to the hospital to give birth to my second, for goodness sake!  I am always in a hurry or rush because I like to do as much as I can in a 24 hour period.

So, just like most of us busy moms, I am usually “late” putting dinner on the table or getting the baby fed. I make most of my baby food, so when I don’t have some premade and in a rush, here are some of my go items to quickly feed that hungry baby.

1. Bananas – you can quickly mash this sucker in a bowl in 10 seconds and voilà! Dinner is served. They are high in the Vitamin B6 which helps with brain development &  function along with helping the body to make melatonin (helps to regulate your internal clock). They also contain a lot of fiber so make sure baby does not eat too much as you might have some stoppage issues to worry about. 🙂

2. Avocados – you can quickly cut this in half, smash it, and serve it to that pissed off baby who just wants to eat!! Avocados are also called “brain food” as they are huge in the development of the brain. They contain the good fats, protein, vitamins and fiber. Babies love them!

3. Sweet Potatoes or Yams – wash, scrub, poke, wrap with plastic wrap and throw in the microwave for 5 minutes. You can distract the baby with puffs or bread while dinner is being quickly nuked. These gems are high in Vitamin C which helps with bone and tooth formation and accelerates wound healing – a must with kids learning to walk. They have a lot of wounds that need to be healed.

4. Kiwi – cut it in half, scoop it out, mash it and you are done! This lil one is high in Vitamin C which also helps to build up the immune system and increase iron absorption. It is also pretty high in potassium and fiber.

5. Oats- We always keep a package of old-fashioned oats in the house. You can throw in 1/4 cup of rolled oats in 1 cup of water. This typically takes about 5 minutes. I will throw in some frozen fruit to quickly cool off the oats, but you can add anything you want. Bananas, kiwi, strawberries, applesauce, etc. Oats are an excellent source of fiber, iron, magnesium and zinc.

I always have organic bananas, avocados, and rolled oats in the house. Sweet Potatoes and kiwi are on hand when a good sale comes around. Just remember that you don’t need to buy the expensive organic baby food or take an entire day to make a week’s worth of food. Many of the items that we all eat everyday are just fine and can be quickly mashed up to the right texture for our little ones. Make it simple!

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