12 Days of Savings | Day 7 – Cash Back Reward Sites

December 14, 2014

If you shop online and are not getting cash back with each order, than READ THIS! There are two cash back sites that I frequently use and they actually give you money back along with great coupon codes when you check out. A total win-win, plus it is FREE!

Here are a few sites that I love:

1. Shop At Home – is a savings site that will actually give you a certain percentage back when you shop online with them. Sign up for an account ( they are running a promo where you can get 100 shopgold rewards points if you sign up now). They have rewards points, coupons, and grocery coupons. My favorite is the cash back.

They have a 110% guarantee, so if you find another site that is offering more, they will apply the 110% of the offer you tell them about. They will send you a check (60 days out) at the end of each month if you meet the $20 threshold.

2. Ebates – gives you a certain percentage back when you shop online. They also provide you with coupons and great deals too!  You can receive a check four times a year for anything over $5.01. You can receive a check in the mail, your paypal account, or give it to your favorite charity or family member.

Sign up for a free account on Ebates and Shopathome. Once you are about to make a purchase just go to each site and see who has the bigger cash back percentage, buy searching the store in their search bar. Click on that store and start shopping. You might also find some great coupon codes that you can use at check out.

You will typically see the cash back in about 48 hours, but it could take up to 30 days for some stores to post it (their return period).

These sites are totally FREE to you and legitimate. I have used both since 2011 and have received well over $100. Now, I don’t buy a lot and some of the stores I shop are not on Ebates or Shopathome yet. Also, I do a lot of shopping on Amazon. Only certain sections will have cash back rewards each day.

Let me know if you have used these sites before and what you think? Enjoy!


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