12 Days of Savings | Day 4 – Quality Over Quantity

December 10, 2014

I have always tried to find unique but useful gifts for people. Ever since I can remember. I just love the feeling you get, when someone opens up your gift on Christmas day and is absolutely in love with it. That gift that they have never seen before, exactly what they need, what they are looking for in fact. Better yet – it does not cost you much!

That is why I love, love, love to buy handcrafted or local items. These are quality items that are unique and help support the local economy at the same time. I feel that if you spend a little more on a handcrafted product, it will go a much longer way than spending double the amount on a very generic gift.

Here are a few of my local favorites to try:

1. Quail Crossing Cellars – I love wine. I really do. I believe that “a glass a day keeps the doctor away”. Just kidding (actually I am not so sure I am). This microwinery is at the bottom of my street (perfect location) and makes some fantastic wines. The owner is a certified wine maker and it is a wholly owned woman business to boot! The wine here is really good! A bottle can run around $15, which is not bad at all!

2. NaScent – They make my most favorite lip moisturizer for only $2. I am currently using lavender and love it! I am actually obsessed with it. Their deodorant is also amazing and they have some really great guy grooming products starting at $6. I always have a hard time buying for guys.

3. Sugardaddy’s Brownies – The best brownies in town! My mouth waters when I think of them. Their Rich Mint and Nutty brownies are my favs. They start at $4.75 but it is super hard to eat one whole brownie in one sitting (unless you are pregnant, I can attest to that). They also come in the cutest little packages. Their pocket change is also another great gift idea. Starting at $10 this is a bag of all their “cut-aways” from their famous round brownies.

4. Brother’s Drake Meadery – Produces Mead using local ingredients to the area. Mead is a fermented beverage that uses honey as its sugar source. Kind of like a sweet wine. Years ago I took a tour of their original facility and it was pretty amazing. They have since grown but tours are still given. You can also purchase their products in many of the grocery stores around town or at their location on 5th Avenue.

5. Growlers or Craft Beers – We have so many in the Clintonville and the Columbus area in general. A growler makes an amazing gift to those “sophisticated” beer drinkers. 🙂

6. Antique Stores – local antique stores are so fun! You can find really interesting and unique treasures for that special someone, that you just can’t find in a big box store.

7. Homage – I love their T-shirts! They even have some great deals in their Clearance section too! They make such great gifts for those dads and guys that you have to buy for. They always seem the hardest but probably the easiest to please! If you are local to Columbus you can order online and then pick up your order for FREE at their home store locations.

8. Gift Certificate to a local Restaurant – Columbus is such a great city that offers some amazing restaurants and food choices. But, honestly, every town in America has local restaurants that are a staple in the local economy. I love to support local and to support those who are trying to provide better food and safer options for my family. So, support those local restaurants by giving a gift certificate as a gift. Everyone loves food!



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