12 Days of Savings | Day 2 – Buy, Sell, Trade Groups on Facebook

December 8, 2014

Buy, Sell, Trade (B/S/T) Groups on Facebook are my new obsession. Why was I not aware of such awesomeness before?! As my husband can attest, I am constantly scouring these sites to find some awesome finds (scored some free PJs and white T-shirts for my oldest) and have sold/selling a ton of items too! 🙂

I have to give thanks to my neighbor for introducing me to such a great site. This has totally been a great way for me to declutter and make some extra money. I have also realized just how much stuff we have that we truly don’t need or even use. I have made my oldest son go through his toys and books to declutter as well. It has been a great teaching tool and eye opener to how much we actually can put an emphasis on material items.

Many of the items that I am going through are in great shape but just no longer needed at this time in our lives. They are much better off with a family that will use it on a regular basis. A home that will be much more appreciative of the items than we are.

So, each weekend I have been going through a room in the house and purging items we don’t need. I have made about $350 in the past 2 months! Yipee! I have also sold items to people that are specifically looking for something. So, here are some tips on how to really utilize the B/S/T groups on Facebook:

1. Join groups in your area – I live in Clintonville so I have joined a few different Clintonville groups in my area. Some are geared to the entire community, moms, or items that are free! Since we all live within a mile or so of each other it makes pick ups and drops offs much easier.

2. Joins groups geared towards what you are selling – I am also part of a group that focuses on maternity clothes and for young babies under 1. Since we are not having any more babies, I don’t need to keep my youngest’s clothes or my old maternity outfits. Someone can really benefit from these items, and not my gross, dark, basement! 🙂

3. Be responsive, polite, and timely – I have only been doing this for a few months now, but I can tell you that it is pretty irritating when  people comment on an item and never respond back. Some want you to hold it, tell you they don’t have a lot of money (joint the rest of us, honey), or forget to pick it up. I totally understand we are all busy, but for goodness sakes people, just be polite and have good communication skills!

4. Be as clear as day – being specific with more details than not enough is perfect! Most people want to know sizes, dimensions, condition (EUC- excellent used condition, GUC – gently used condition, well-loved, smoke free, pet free, dog friendly home). I have two dogs and no matter if I wash the item or use the lint roller before the item is picked up, I still let the buyer know I have two dogs. It seems as if their is a magnetic pull on any black piece of clothing in my home to attract at least a few dog hairs – ugh! (the never-ending battle).

5. Price accordingly – Many of the items that I have to sell have been used at one point. I like to take 50-75% off of what I paid for. That is my starting price. Then I look at condition, amount of times it has been used, and authenticity of the product before I post my price and go from there.

6. Bumping – Don’t be that person that “bumps” (comments on your post so it jumps to the top of the feed) their $2 item 5 times in one week. For the love, just give it away. It is literally $2!!! Do you know how often I see this stuff. Obviously know one wants this, even if you reduced the price from $3 to $2. Move on, people, move on.

7. Just Have Fun – I am not sure if it is just the community I am in, but some of the people in Clintonville are hilarious. They are so creative with their posts and give great advice on what you can use their item for. Some are natural sales people and always make me giggle.

It is really refreshing and so awesome to see everyone helping each other out. You will occasionally have “those” people who are obnoxious or flake out, but overall we are all just trying to be helpful. It is so nice to see that where I live. So many amazing people will give things away for free that they could make money on or are working with some fantastic charities. Just makes me stop to realize how many good people there are in this world! Enjoy!


12 Days of Savings | Day 1 – Swagbucks

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