12 Days of Savings | Day 12 – Save on items throughout the year

December 21, 2014

I try to do a lot of my shopping throughout the year. Not because I really want to get it done before Thanksgiving, but because I take advantage of sales all year long. If I see something that I know someone will like, and it’s a great deal, I will snatch it up!

This is true for birthdays, anniversaries, or even hostess gifts. Just keep your eyes open for good deals all year long.

1. Holidays – you will find most fantastic sales during or around a holiday – President’s day, Easter, Fourth of July, Labor Day. They will all be surrounded by amazing sales.
– Easter will have some great toy sales
– Back to school will have markers, pencils, colored pencils, papers, etc. Any type of office or back to school item is on sale

2. End of Season Sales – Stock up on items at the end of each season when things are significantly reduced

3. Going out of business sales – If a store is going out of business they will have some very reduced items. One of my favorite toy stores, Larson’s in Upper Arlington, is closing next month. They will be having some significantly reduced items on sale after Christmas

Lia Sophia is having over 85% off of their jewelry since they are going out of business. Great ways to stock up for Christmas this year or next, birthdays, or anniversaries!

4. Host a Party – host a party so you can get free items either for yourself or to stock up on free gifts! At the end of the month I am so excited to host my first Ava Anderson party! But there are so many others out there that you can host – Pampered Chef, Stella & Dot, etc.

There are just so many ways to save on gifts throughout the year. Not only will you save money but you will also not be as stressed come Holiday time. Enjoy and let me know some ways that you save and stock up on gifts throughout the year!


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