My Top 5 All Natural Budget Friendly Baby Products

January 14, 2018
My Top 5 All Natural Budget Friendly Baby Products

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There are so many baby products out on the market that it is sometimes hard to know what you really need. I have found that less is more. The products which can multi-task is really the way to go! 

Here are my top 5 all-natural budget friendly baby products that I have used over time with my three boys (and one I just found and had to share, as it is life changing)! 

1. Dr Bronners Unscented Baby Soap – I have used this on all my boys and love it! A little goes a long way. My current bottle has lasted me well over 7 months! 

I also use this to wash the dogs, as a body wash & shampoo for the entire family, and to make my homemade baby wipes! For only $6.45/bottle from Thrive and that it can serve multiple purposes, definitely makes it one of my favs!

2. Coconut Oil – 

I have posted many articles on my love for coconut oil. I order the Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil in the large gallon tub from Tropical Traditions This will last us for about 8 months! Right now they are having a special where a gallon will run you $79. That is around $.53/ounce! 

There are so many reasons why I love Tropical Traditions, but their farming practices, the fact that their oil is made in small batches, and wet milled from fresh coconut milk are just a few. Here is a great article that describes their practice in more detail.

I use this on my lil guy for an all over moisturizer after his bath, for his cradle cap and diaper rashes! Continue Reading…

All Natural Stainless Steel Cleaner

November 12, 2017
all natural stainless steel cleaner

With the end of our kitchen/dining room renovation almost complete (praise the lord!), came the task of actually cleaning! I have never had stainless steel appliances until now (I feel sooo fancy!).

With that being said, I had to figure out how to clean the stuff, since little fingerprints tend to cover them very quickly. 

I knew I did not want to buy the stainless steel cleaner, but make my own. So, I Googled away. I found this article and thought I would take a shot. My husband usually thinks I am crazy with all my homemade cleaners, and I am pretty sure he doubted me on this one. But….I was right as this really works and does a great job! 

All you will need is white vinegar and olive oil! Continue Reading…

Why You should Stop Washing Your Hair Everyday

October 15, 2017
please do not wash your hair everyday

I have stopped washing my hair everyday! I know, I know, kind of gross. But, in all reality it is actually pretty healthy.

You not only save money from using less shampoo and less hot water in the shower, but you are also saving precious minutes. Every minute counts when you are a mom of three or a perpetual late-comer like myself. 

I have read a few articles on why you should not wash your hair everyday, that it’s super healthy for your hair, and blah, blah, blah. What really sold me was that I could save TIME! Time you say? Yes, time!

I am LATE for everything and I mean everything. I got more tardies in high school than probably my entire class combined (we only had 36 kids, so nothing too extreme here). I have been late to every job I have had since I was 16 and my babies were even late, by a week! They say that people who are late are actually very successful, multi-taskers, and basically think they can get everything done in a span of 5 minutes. Yep! That’s me. 

So, when debating about not washing my hair everyday, I made this decision based solely on time savings. What I then started to realize was truly how many more benefits came with this decision.

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Get a FREE Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil + Wholesale Non-GMO Favorites

September 23, 2017
Free Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil

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Making healthy decisions can mean being selective about the types of foods you eat and buy. That can also mean multiple trips to different grocery stores just to keep your favorite products stocked. Not to mention the high markup on high-quality food brands!

There’s a better way…..Thrive Market! They totally take the hassle out of healthy living so that organic food and natural products are accessible to everyone. Their offer of organic and all natural, nutritious foods is ever-growing!

Thrive also has amazing nontoxic home and personal care essentials at discounted prices. Here are a few of the perks that you can enjoy from Thrive Market: Continue Reading…